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Presentation Holding an international design workshop in the age of Covid-19 more

Sat, Jul 10, 15:00-15:30 Asia/Tokyo

The International Summer Design Workshop has been held annually since 2008. Usually ranging between seven to ten days each time, university students from up to five countries in the Asia-Pacific region work together in intercultural groups of seven to nine. Using English as the lingua franca, each group must be able to handle communication challenges and cultural differences to collaboratively design a product within a specified time period. Until 2019, the location of each workshop rotated among the participating countries. Since the Covid-19 situation began in 2020, the workshop has been held online, relying upon collaborative communication technologies to facilitate the design process. The presenters will describe their experience preparing for and managing this workshop, and the use of technology in both the face-to-face and online environments. Student feedback from previous workshops will also be provided. This project is supported by a Japanese government Kaken grant (21K12564).

Andrew Johnson Namgyu Kang Adam Smith