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Presentation Life in a Box: New Take on Life, Difference and IC more

Sat, Jul 10, 14:00-14:30 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation draws on recent understandings emerging from Brain Science (Clark, 2019; Feldman Barrett, 2021; Lieberman, 2013) to present a new view of the human brain’s interaction with its environment, its reaction to difference, and the role of communication. The presentation begins with a simple premise: “Imagine you lived in a box with just a few holes in it. How would you survive?” From there, it builds to a holistic understanding of human existence in a changing physical and social environment of which each individual can be only partially aware. The concepts introduced are easily comprehensible and can be explained in simple language, forming an accessible introduction for students to a number of key ideas in Intercultural Communication, such as perception, bias, experiential learning, and communication, whilst placing them in the context of everyday experience. References Clark, A. (2019). Surfing uncertainty: Prediction, action, and the embodied mind. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Feldman Barrett, L. (2021). Seven and a half lessons about the brain. Boston, MA: Mariner Books Lieberman, M. D. (2013). Social: Why our brains are wired to connect. New York, NY: Crown

Stephen M. Ryan